Install Webroot Antivirus on Windows and Mac — [ Easy Methods ]

Install Webroot Antivirus

Install Webroot Antivirus on Windows

  • At first, you must navigate to the Webroot antivirus installation site.
  • Then, the procedure is to visit the manufacturer’s site on the OS version
  • Click the download button, and the antivirus setup file will open
  • Then, choose the download file on a computer and run exe.file to begin the setup
  • Enter the product key code in the given box when prompted
  • You can use successful install the Webroot antivirus software on your windows

Install Webroot Antivirus on Mac OS

  • At first, open a browser and navigate to the manufacturer’s guide
  • Then, provide the Mac OS version in the respective field
  • Search the download wsamac.dmg file on the download
  • Click on it to initiate the installation
  • Launch the webroot program by double click on the icon
  • Make sure to follow the instructions displayed on the setup

Contact Us To Solve Your Webroot Problems

  • Webroot stuck while scanning
  • The antivirus is not opening and working
  • Keycode or product key expired
  • Webroot red icon found
  • Webroot not scanning

How To Activate The Keycode To Install Webroot Antivirus?

  • At first, open any web browser
  • Visit Webroot’s official website
  • Select the product and download the installation files as wsainstall.exe
  • After the download gets completed, the installation file will automatically download on a device
  • Double click the download file
  • When the installation is finished, enter 20 digits Webroot keycode to activate
  • Now, follow on-screen instructions to install Webroot completely

Significance of Picking Webroot Support

Tackles Major or minor issues in Webroot

Handle Specialized Issues Too

What Kinds of Issues Does Webroot Support Handle?

  • Installation stops out of nowhere
  • Done showing refreshes
  • Slacking while opening the Webroot application
  • No profound hunt was tracked down when the antivirus runs



Hello There, I am Stella White working at “Antivirus Technical Support” for 5 years. I live in New York, USA.

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Stella White

Stella White


Hello There, I am Stella White working at “Antivirus Technical Support” for 5 years. I live in New York, USA.