How To Turn Off Antivirus On Chrome? [Simple Guide]

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Google Chrome is a secure and easy-to-use web browser. Chrome has been designed for Android previously by bringing news articles, downloads as well as quick links to the sites. These are also the reason for the security concern. Apart from all these, Google Chrome is the most powerful web browser in the world as it uses advanced tools for securing information. The in-built malware scanner is one of the most amazing tools that are used in Chrome. It is also quite easier to turn off chrome antivirus when you like to improve the speed of the device or performance level. The main reason is scanning the device all the time would also reduce the speed of processing other operations.

How To Turn Off Chrome Antivirus:

Chrome In-built malware scanner would be a much more efficient option for catching the malicious files. Sometimes they also get stuck, causing trouble during the downloads. When you are looking to turn off the software permanently or temporarily, then you can quickly make the process. It is a convenient option for turning the antivirus software off by simply following the below steps. You can turn off antivirus software through the app, your device, or your browser.

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For Avast Antivirus:

  • Click Menu
  • Choose Settings
  • Go to Protection
  • Click ‘Core Shields
  • Toggle the green slider to the left
  • Select ‘how long you want to keep antivirus disabled.’
  • Tap ‘Ok
  • Enter ‘Stop

For AVG Antivirus:

  • Right-click the AVG icon
  • Toggle the green slider to the left
  • Tap ‘Ok
  • Enter ‘Stop

Chrome Virus Detection System:

Normally, when you are downloading the file using the in-built downloader in Google Chrome, or any other web browser made using the Chromium engine, it would be scanning the file for any virus or malware. It is the standard procedure in chrome for ensuring that your complete system is safer for usage.

Based on reports, some users have been stating about the glitches in the Chromium browsers when it scans the viruses phase. It would take a long time for scanning or could go indefinitely. The crucial cause of these errors is based on corrupted installation in the web browser. Downloading the file on the chrome web browser automatically scans for any kind of hidden virus or even any malware.

How To Turn Off Chrome Antivirus On Windows?

Feature of Chrome is quite easier, and it would be easier to resolve the glitches with turn off chrome antivirus. Below are the steps for disabling the Virus Scan feature in Chrome

  • Open the Google Chrome web browser
  • Click the ‘Menu’ icon
  • Select ‘Settings
  • Go to the “Privacy and security” section
  • Select “Sync and Google services.”
  • Turn off the toggle switch
  • Disable the Safe Browsing option
  • Restart Google Chrome web browser
  • This disabled virus scan feature
  • Turn off chrome antivirus
  • Chrome does not detect any potentially malicious or phishing files.

When you have any third-party antivirus tool installed or built-in antivirus program, then your system would be protected even after downloading any kind of malicious files. When there is any glitch in the antivirus program or browser error, then the virus scan could get stuck. This does not allow the download to complete. To fix the issue, you can conveniently disable Chrome Virus Detection.

How To Turn Off Chrome Antivirus On Mac?

Mac is the most used by many numbers of people for making quick browsing. When you are looking to turn off the Antivirus on Chrome on the Mac then, you can simply follow the below instructions.

When you are looking for another antivirus to replace your old one, then you can easily check out the suitable antivirus for Macs. Select the antivirus app for your system. You can call the professional team to get assistance in turning off the Antivirus on Chrome.

How To Reset Google Chrome Browser Settings?

Resetting the Google Chrome Browser Settings is one of the ways to turn off the Chrome antivirus. These are also quite an efficient option for easily resetting the Google Chrome Browser significantly. Follow the below instructions for resetting the process.

  • Access to the Google Chrome web browser’s Settings
  • Go to the “Advanced” section
  • Click the “Reset browser settings” button
  • The process will automatically clear all your browser data as well

They would extensively clear all the browser data even without any hassle. When you require any remote assistance to turn off chrome antivirus, then you can click the “call” button that is displayed on the screen.

How To Off Real-Time Protection?

Windows Security systems are programmed to ensure your complete system is secure and free from malware during the downloads. Enabling real-time protection in the system is helpful for easily providing high-end security features for the device. Sometimes, this virus scanning feature could glitch due to an error in the installation or any others. The process would reduce the performance level of the device, so it is best to disable the feature in the system.

  • Click Start
  • Click Settings
  • Go to ‘Update and Security
  • Choose Windows Security
  • Access ‘Virus & Threat Protection
  • Click “Manage” Settings
  • Switch Real-Time Protection to off

Chrome Virus Detection is easier to block in the system when they cause any trouble in the downloaded aspects. But, it could be fatal when the browser, as well as systems, turns the feature off. There are also many other options available such as reinstalling or resetting the Chrome browser.

Is The Chrome Virus Detection Harmful?

Chrome Virus Detection system does not create any harmful effects. These are the common security feature in Chrome that would block the malicious files downloaded into the system. Some internal errors in the browser could cause glitches so that they would reduce the speed of download. Google Chrome has a built-in antivirus, which would be a suitable option for scanning the complete system to identify the malware files.


Scanning is especially performed by an in-built malware scanner in Google Chrome. Malware detection has become part of the Chromium engine, and they are available on Microsoft’s latest Edge and others.

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