How To Install Bitdefender — Step By Step Guide

  • Monitor apps
  • Safe banking tools
  • Anti-tracking feature
  • Virtual file shredder
  • Parental controls
  • Password manager
  • Firewall and more

Install Bitdefender on Windows

  • First, you can open a web browser and enter Bitdefender. Then, go to the antivirus website and create an account by filling in essential details. Next, choose the account creation button and create a password. The password should contain eight characters with one special symbol and number.
  • Select paid or free version of Antivirus. If you log in to the site, you can choose the package from three options. Options include trying Bitdefender for free, Paid Bitdefender, and an existing subscription.
  • Choose the device option in the sidebar. Click on the plus icon next to Install Bitdefender to start the installation process. Hit security and choose your desktop to install antivirus software.
  • The antivirus app will take a few minutes to download on the PC. Once downloaded, you can open the app and run it. Then, the Bitdefender installation will display on the PC screen. It would help if you waited a short time for an installer to download essential files.
  • After completing the process, the user will get the check box, read the subscription’s terms, and agree to them. Before proceeding, you should check to accept and hit the install option. After a short time, the Antivirus will prepare for action on the desktop.
  • Select Start Device Assessment when performing the initial security check. Then, if anyone desires to perform the scan, click the skip button. Now you can get the information about the subscription.
  • Hit on the finish option to access the antivirus software interface to set up scans, check the security status, and use other features like the Safepay function, built-in VPN, etc.

Install Bitdefender on Mac OS

  • First, you should log in to your Bitdefender account. New users can register for an account.
  • Hit on the My Devices panel
  • Select plus install Antivirus on your personal computer in the device window option.
  • Now, a new window will pop up. Pick a security option and hit this device to install the software.
  • Bitdefender installer will download on the desktop inside the download folder. The user can double-click click antivirus file with the .pkg extension. Following the on-screen instructions properly will allow you to install the software. Click Continue if prompted.
  • You will guide the essential steps to installing Bitdefender software on a Mac device. Hit continue options.
  • If you agree to the terms and conditions of the Bitdefender subscription agreement to continue the installation.
  • Choose the disk where you should install antivirus software and click on the continue option. Then, hit the install option.
  • Enter username and password; if prompted, choose to install antivirus software.
  • Now, a small window will display, and Antivirus for Mac OS will download automatically and install on the device.
  • The installation process is complete when anyone has mac OS sierra or Yosemite.

Steps To Continue Bitdefender Installation On High Sierra

  • Those who have high Sierra will notice that Bitdefender blocks the PC extension. Remember, it is not a bug, just a safety check. Now hit the OK option.
  • Antivirus will show essential steps to run software correctly to aid you in installing. Hit on Security & Privacy link.
  • It will take you to the security and privacy page. Hit on the lock icon to make essential changes. Enter the Mac OS administrator password if required and click on unlock option.
  • Hit allow option at the bottom of the window
  • Well done! You have installed Bitdefender Antivirus software successfully for Mac OS on High Sierra. Now, you can scan your device and find out junk files easily.

Contact With Our Bitdefender Chat Support Team

Bitdefender offers better customer support service to the users through live chat. If you are facing issues in the installation process, you can speak with the customer support team. The technician is always ready to solve any technical problems the user may be experiencing in the antivirus software. In addition, the company has a chat support team with around-the-clock service. So, you can reach them through live chat and get clear steps to install Bitdefender.


Bitdefender is the best antivirus software for Windows and Mac OS. In addition, this Antivirus provides 30 days of free trials so you can use it and understand how they work. Furthermore, Antivirus has add-on features like VPN, anti-theft, parental controls, and system tuneup that works properly as assured.

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Hello There, I am Stella White working at “Antivirus Technical Support” for 5 years. I live in New York, USA.

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Stella White

Stella White


Hello There, I am Stella White working at “Antivirus Technical Support” for 5 years. I live in New York, USA.