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While using Avast antivirus, sometime you may face Error 42125. Of course, it especially occurs when you perform the boot scan by using the app. Of course, this Fix Avast Error 42125 is up along with an error statement. On the other hand, it spoils the performance and should be overcome immediately. At times, it might work well and be able to follow a system that will start showing unexpected behavior. The error corrupts Avast by running the program window. It may crash, or your systems perform slowly. So, it might shut down automatically for running a program with an error required. It should be able to fix them with the earliest and crash many programs to run in the background.

Fix Avast Error 42125

What Are Some Causes of Avast Error 42125?

Of course, the user has to know some of the causes of Avast Error 42125 and be able to rectify them quickly. However, the causes should be overcome soon, and explore the ways to get rid of the issues soon as possible. Some of the reasons for Fix Avast Error 42125 must notice below.

  • You can find this issue when Avast antivirus is not installed properly.
  • Due to a virus or malware attack, you can find this error
  • For registration purposes, this issue originates from the windows system
  • A lot of junk files may show this error
  • Using outdated drivers for a long time, this issue will happen
  • In the case of deleting Avast partially, this error occurs in the system

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What Are The Quick Solutions To Fix Avast Error 42125?

Of course, there are many solutions needed when you want to fix Avast Error 42125 immediately. Therefore, it will explore a lot and is mainly applicable to solving the issues without hassles. However, some quick solutions are available to fix Avast Error 42125 immediately.

1. Delete The Junk Files On The System

Unfortunately, many junk files store when you are not cleaning your system regularly. It will create damage to files and slows down the system performance. For the sake of the computer, you can remove the junk files regularly. Otherwise, it causes various errors, including Error 42125 within a short time.

  • Deleting the junk files is not bound to solve this error. Your system will damage because of them, and explore to slow down the system nicely.
  • Type cmd in the search box, then right-click the command prompt and run as admin.
  • In the next window, type cleanmgr and click enter
  • Then, a popup will appear, and click yes to go
  • You must choose a file or folder to delete from the window screen

2. Check The Hard Disk For Errors

To remove the Avast error 42125 from your system, check the hard disk and find the error displayed. It specializes in partition management and includes resizing partitions and others. Well, you must check the errors mentioned with the help of a professional partition manager. Then, you can use the mini tool partition wizard to check the error and connect them.

You can solve the errors and specialize in partition managing the resize attention and merge, change, etc. Then, download the Minitool to check the error and solves them quickly. Then, follow the tutorials to check errors on the hard drive.

  • At first, click the MiniTool partition and enter the main interface
  • Choose a drive to store the zip file and click surface test
  • Then, click the start now button to begin the process
  • If you receive the following results, it indicates to sector to drive and skip to next
  • You can follow the repair guide and bad sectors on the drive

3. Update Device Driver

Of course, Fix Avast Error 42125 can happen due to its outdated device center. It will update them easier and able to explore by updating it to the latest version. It sometimes works easier, and you should evaluate the installation process well. You must click device manager and then display adapters for clicking it.

However, Avast Error 42125 will expand the display adapters by double-clicking them. You must right-click the driver and consider it under the display adapter. Then, you must select the Update driver option from the popup menu.

  • Then, click on search automatically for updated driver software
  • Then, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process

4. Scan Systems For Errors

Errors sometimes cause trouble and perform a system scan that includes strongly recommended. It should focus on a method by useful for many users. It must adapt well and explore well on prompts and administrator to do that.

  • At first, run command prompt as administrator in search box
  • In the elevated command prompt, type SFC/scan now and hit enter to execute it
  • They consider an effective goal to check the process to finish well
  • Hence, perform a system scan that includes the strongly recommended option

5. Update The Windows System

However, the windows version must bring forth new features and some patches the versions. They create a good idea and can explore well by installing the new update. It will bring forth new solutions and update the window system for checking errors. Avast 42125 error is an archive and corrupted to consider the main thing that suits for recovering process.

  • At first, open Settings by pressing Windows + I keys
  • Then, navigate the update and security section
  • Click on windows update and move to the right side of the window
  • Then, click Check for updates to find available in the new update
  • Finally, download and install it

6. Reinstall The Avast Application

As you know, there are risks associated when Avast having incomplete download. Avast installation can trigger Error 42125 on the windows system. You must reinstall and make proper guidance to check the process well.

  • Press Windows and R keys to open the Run windows
  • Then, type Control and press OK
  • Click Uninstall a program and option under programs in the control panel window.
  • Right-click the avast app in the windows and click on Uninstall
  • Please move to the official website of Avast and download the button to download it


To sum up, the Avast Error 42125 zip archive corrupts and soon removes the errors completely. It will give you bother-free solutions and choose one from the 6 given methods. You must check the errors and solve it soon as possible.

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